The Info&Sols Unit is an INRAE Val de Loire, research unit based in Orléans. It was formed from the merger of the Sols research unit and the Infosol service unit, and is attached to the AgroEcoSystem Department. Its mission is :

  • To develop soil science research into the interactions between the physical properties of soils and their hydric and biogeochemical functioning. This work contributes to better soil preservation, water resource management and air quality protection, particularly in the current context of global change.
  • Set up and manage national environmental information systems relating to French soils and changes in their quality, environmental research observatories and cropping systems. To carry out its missions, it interacts with networks of national and international correspondents specialized in these different fields.

Apparatuses and main equipments

  • Mapping of the spatial distribution of soils, in the form of Soil Cartographic Units (UCS), and banking of the data collected in the DoneSol national information system.
  • European Soil Sample Conservatory (CEES), a collective INRAE tool whose main objective is the long-term conservation of soil samples, attached to the RARe research infrastructure.

Implications and links with Sycomore

Info&Sols participates in the scientific project RENOUV and Sycomore’s dynamic partnerships.