IRBI, Insect Biology Research Institute

IRBI is a joint unit of the University of Tours and the CNRS based in Tours. It is dedicated to the analysis of interactions between insects and their biotic and abiotic environment. The unit brings together researchers and teacher-researchers from different disciplines (ecology, physiology, genetics, chemistry, physics, bioinformatics and mathematics), making it a place with a strong international identity around insect sciences.

These research themes are supported by three teams and a transversal axis:

  • IMIP – Biodiversity and the functioning of micro-organism/insect/plant interactions
  • ESORE – Social evolution and responses to the environment
  • INOV – Organism-environment interactions

Apparatuses and main equipments

  • Chemical Ecology Platform – PEC
  • Environmental Genomics Platform – PGE
  • Scientific and Technical Platform – PST
  • Optical Metrology Platform – MO
  • Histology and Functional Morphology Platform – PHMF
  • Sensory Ecology Platform – PES
  • Breeding and Experimentation Platform in Controlled Environment – PEEEC

Implications and links with Sycomore

IRBI participates in Sycomore’s training and partnership dynamics.