AgreenTech Valley

AgreenTech Valley is a national cluster based in Orléans, dedicated to digital technologies for the plant industry (field crops, specialized crops, forestry, biomass 1st transformation).

Their work focuses on the challenges of digital, energy and agro-ecological transitions in production chains, whatever their application market (food or non-food plants).

The cluster’s technological scope provides a set of tools and methods capable of delivering innovative and effective solutions, from data acquisition to actuators in the field:

  • Sensors – Sensor networks – Connected objects
  • Agricultural Big Data – Data Analysis – Artificial Intelligence
  • Modeling – Decision support tools – Crop and farm management software
  • Robotics – Automation – Embedded computing


  • Listening to the innovation needs of players in the field
  • Identifying technological building blocks as new levers, technology transfer
  • Seek out complementary skills and expertise, and put you in touch with suppliers of digital solutions
  • Set up innovative individual or collaborative projects, and seek financing
  • Enhancing the value of innovations

Implications and links with Sycomore

AgreenTech Valley participates in Sycomore’s governance, socio-economic development of research and partnership dynamics.