National Forest Ownership Centre (CNPF)– Institute for Forestry Development (IDF)

CNPF-IDF & CRPF Centre-Val de Loire

The Regional Forest Ownership Centre (CRPF) of Ile-de-France and Centre-Val de Loireis one of the territorial delegations of the CNPF, a public establishment responsible for the supervision and development of sustainable forest management in private forests. The national center and its regional delegations are responsible for developing and guiding forest management in private woodlands and forests. The CNPF also encourages the development of forestry certification and participates in forestry-wood industry initiatives. Its regional delegation is based in Orléans. It is grouped with one of the 5 regional branches of CNPF-IDF.

The CNPF’s main missions are to :

  • Improve the sustainable management of private forests, notably through the approval of Sustainable Management Documents (DGD).
  • Contribute to Research-Development-Innovation in order to constantly adapt silvicultural practices to the sylvo-pedo-climatic contexts of our regions.
  • Popularize forestry techniques by raising awareness and training owners in good silvicultural practices.
  • Encouraging wood mobilization and biodiversity preservation
  • Participate in environmental protection, forest health monitoring and the search for a balance between forest and deer.
  • Promoting the place and role of private forests in local communities


  • Examination and approval of sustainable management documents (DGD)
  • Silvicultural advice for forest owners (extension, training, technical support, etc.)
  • Climate change expertise (diagnostics, species selection, innovative techniques, etc.)
  • Forest health monitoring in conjunction with the Forest Health Department (DSF)
  • Soils
  • Silviculture in a context of climate change (modeling, renewal, management of existing stands), seeds and seedlings,
    Ecosystem services (carbon, water, etc.)
  • New technologies (lidar, remote sensing, etc.)
  • Biodiversity and habitat management
  • Silvo-climatic tools (BioClimSol), potential biodiversity index (PBI), diagnosis of tree decline and resilience (ARCHI)
  • Social and human economic sciences
  • Training

Implications and links with Sycomore

The CNPF co-pilots the GENFORFUTUR scientific project and participates in the two other scientific projects (RECONFORT & RENOUV) and the Sycomore partnership dynamic.