CybeleTech is a company specializing in software publishing and computer programming, with the aim of supporting the sustainability of agriculture and forestry by reducing the margins of error in processes. Its teams work to develop new technologies for agriculture and forestry through the creation of innovative tools combining mathematics, computer science and biology. Their aim is to improve production and quality, while ensuring the sustainable development of agriculture and forestry in a context of climate change.

To offer the most complete and relevant vision of plant systems possible, CybeleTech combines different technologies for data acquisition and learning, modeling and digital simulation. In particular, CybeleTech uses modeling and simulation approaches, remote sensing, agronomic database enhancement and distributed computing infrastructures for collaborative solutions.


  • Mapping software platform integrating different layers of georeferenced information (soil, weather, etc.)
  • Integration of software applications adapted to different types of users, such as decision support tools.
  • Mobile and disconnected solutions
  • Species identification at plot level (work in progress in ERABLE)
  • Individual/ species/ age group typology
  • Tree growth modeling algorithms
  • Algorithms for signal reading and interpretation of satellite & lidar images

Implications and links with Sycomore

CybeleTech participates in the development of data for Sycomore’s RECONFORT scientific project. Cybelech is the prime contractor for the ERABLE project to identify the major tree species: oak, chestnut, hornbeam, beech and aspen, classifying individuals by age (20-30 years).