Fibois Centre-Val de Loire

Fibois Centre-Val de Loire is the regional interprofessional association for the forest-wood industry. The association’s aim is the sustainable development of the forest-wood sector, in its economic, social and environmental aspects. It represents all players in the forest-wood sector: upstream forestry, 1st and 2nd transformation, wood energy, wood packaging, wood industry, wood construction, research and training.

Its action plan is based on four major missions:

  1. Adapting forests to climate change by supporting research projects and improving silvicultural practices.
  2. Develop the sector’s markets: energy, industry and construction.
  3. Supporting companies in innovation, investment, human resources, organization and strategy.
  4. Representing, coordinating and promoting the industry (networking, communication).


  • Connecting foresters and researchers
  • Communication with industry professionals
  • Support for changes in practices
  • Emerging research topics

Implications and links with Sycomore

Fibois participates in Sycomore’s training, scientific mediation, socio-economic development of research and partnership dynamics. Fibois contributes its experience and knowledge of local players in the industry. Its position as an interprofessional organization facilitates relations between players in research, forestry and civil society.