Le Studium

Created in 1996, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley – Institute for Advanced Studies covers all fields of research in a global initiative to stimulate international and interdisciplinary scientific exchange in the Centre-Val de Loire region, and to create a dynamic scientific community that supports knowledge, research and innovation.

Through various research programs and calls for applications, LE STUDIUM attracts, selects and hosts experienced international researchers in regional public and private laboratories for long-term residencies and visits. Together with these researchers and their host laboratories, LE STUDIUM supports the organization of scientific events and networking initiatives, enabling the development of lasting international collaborations in close collaboration with local researchers.

The team is based at the Hôtel Dupanloup in downtown Orléans (Centre International Universitaire pour la Recherche).


  • Quality hosting for experienced researchers
  • International networking
  • Tailor-made events
  • Promoting regional research
  • Support for interdisciplinary projects
  • Setting up actions for the international development of research projects

Implications and links with Sycomore

The STUDIUM team leads Sycomore’s national and international partnership dynamics, and is involved in the socio-economic development of research. In this context, it can highlight its expertise in hosting researchers and organizing high-quality scientific events.