Centre-Val de Loire Region

Since 2014, the Centre-Val de Loire Region

has been stepping up its support for research and development with a clear ambition: to provide new answers to the major challenges of socio-economic development and the climate and environmental emergency, for the benefit of the region’s inhabitants and businesses. As part of this approach, the Region has set up the “Ambition Research Development Centre-Val de Loire” (i.e. ARD CVL) program. The Region supports several ARD programs: Biomedicaments, Cosmétosciences, Junon, Matex, and ARD+ “CERTeM 5.0“.

Through the Sycomore program, the CVL Region intends to contribute to the emergence of an international research and development cluster on trees and forests, closely linked to the region’s socio-economic fabric.


  • Manage regional projects and set up financial monitoring,
  • Coordinate research projects and cross-functional actions with regional policies,
  • Dynamizing and coordinating networks.

Implications and links with Sycomore

The Region follows the ARD and provides financial, strategic and operational support for the Sycomore program.