UNISYLVA is a forestry cooperative that brings together forest owners and silviculturists to manage and develop their forests. With over 12,000 member forest owners, its territorial coverage and expertise make it France’s leading specialist in the silviculture of private oak forests, one of France’s leading producers of mountain softwoods, and one of France’s leading suppliers of wood energy. UNISYLVA operates in the Auvergne, Burgundy, Centre Val-de-Loire and Limousin regions, and is a leader in the sustainable management of private forests.

UNISYLVA supports forest owners in the management of their forests: 

  • Advise and manage – Expertise to optimize forest management
  • Renewal and maintenance – Silvicultural work is essential to ensure the growth and longevity of your forests.
  • Harvesting and selling – Harvesting and selling are essential activities for a silviculturist.
  • PRO services – Forest owners often need a valuation of their forest assets.


  • Supporting forest owners
  • Forest management
  • Planting and natural regeneration
  • Forest maintenance
  • Timber harvesting and marketing
  • Forest expertise

Implications and links with Sycomore

UNISYLVA participates in the three scientific projects (RECONFORT, RENOUV and GENFORFUTUR) and in the Sycomore partnership dynamic.