ONF, National Forestry Office

The National Forestry Office (ONF) aims to protect and manage forests sustainably, act for the climate and ecological transition, and contribute to the attractiveness and sustainable development of territories. The ONF’s missions are to develop wood resources, act for the environment, maintain the forest-game balance, welcome the public to the forest, prevent natural risks and offer services. It thus guarantees sustainable forest management that respects the environment and takes account of economic and social issues. To achieve this, the establishment adapts its actions to the habitats, flora and fauna present. In addition, as manager of public forests, the ONF does its utmost to welcome visitors in the best possible conditions and to raise awareness of forest conservation among users.

The Office National des Forêts manages nearly 11 million hectares (120 000 hectares in the CVL region) of public forests belonging to the State and local authorities. In the Centre-Val de Loire region, ONF teams are divided between the Centre Ouest Aquitaine regional office, two regional agencies, twelve regional units and an engineering office.


  • Provision of forest plots
  • Provision of data
  • Expertise (renewal, genetics, remote sensing, etc.)

Implications and links with Sycomore

The ONF is involved in all three scientific projects (RECONFORT, RENOUV and GENFORFUTUR), in the socio-economic development of research and in the Sycomore partnership dynamic and governance. The institution is involved in all three projects, through its Research, Development and Innovation department and the Centre Val de Loire agency.